terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of the Hannoverhaus

1. Registration and ID

1.1. Entry in the hut book

Every overnight guest has to register in the hut book and, if necessary, comply with further registration regulations. In order to make it easier for victims and missing persons to be found, it is recommended that every guest of the hut specify the destination of the mountain tour and the mobile phone number in the hut book.

2. Claim to sleep

2.1. Preferred claim to sleep

Preferred to have a sleeping place:

  • Diseased or injured who can not be expected to descend or transport to the valley.Rettungsmannschaften im Dienst.
  • Rescue teams on duty

2.2. Hygienic requirements

For all sleeping places using a hut sleeping bag is obligatory.

2.3. Booking terms

  • Pre-orders for max. 90% of the sleeping places are accepted. Registration or reservation for a sleeping place is requested.
  • If a reservation request for a sleeping place is made and comfirmed by the cottage-keeper, an accommodation contract has been concluded. A legally binding conclusion of contract also exists for oral, in particular by phone, as far as the written form was not expressly agreed.
  • If reservations according to point 1 are not perceived, the following cancellation fees will be charged per person and night: With resignation from 5 days before the beginning of the stay: € 10, - per person and night. For teenagers: € 5, - per person and night. For children up to 6 years there is no cancellation fee.
  • From a group size of 10 persons, 10% of the group can be canceled free until 9 pm before the arrival.
  • The period is calculated from the receipt of the written cancellation of the guest.
  • The tenants are entitled to charge a deposit of € 10, - per night and sleeping space. For young people a deposit of € 5, - per night and sleeping space will be charged. The deposit will be charged locally at the cottage.
  • In case of resignation or non-cancellation, cancellation fees will be set off with the pre-payment. If the deposit is higher than the cancellation fee or the night tariff, the difference will be refunded. For the huts of the DAV, German law applies.
  • A free cancellation is possible if the arrival is demonstrably not possible due to force majeure (eg. mudslide). The tenants should be informed immediately about the resignation!
  • All decisions regarding tours, routes, weather and avalanche situation etc. are the responsibility of the guest. Liability on the part of the huts responsible for damages of any kind is excluded.

3. Accommodation rates

3.1. Current accommodation rates for members and non-members

Children under 6 years are free as well as accompanying persons of people with

disabilities according to a disability card. The fees can be paid on site.

3.2. Consideration

Overcrowding doesn't justify a rate reduction.

4. First aid material

First aid materials are to be provided by the cabin management and available in

the anteroom.

5. Behavior in the hut and its surroundings

5.1. Consideration and waste disposal

Every visitor has to behave considerately in the hut and its surroundings, that other persons are not disturbed. The hut and its environment must be kept clean, all guests must take their own waste for disposal into the valley.

5.2. Night rest

From 22:00 o'clock to 06:00 o'clock is night rest. Early risers must behave in such a way that they do not disturb the others.

5.3. Making music and concerts

Playing musical instruments is permitted only with the agreement of the cabin

management. Musical performances for an entrance fee are not allowed.

5.4. Radio, television and music equipment

Radio, television and music equipment may not be used in the recreation room,

bedrooms and restaurant area. Excluded are the receipt of the weather and

avalanche report or the operation of audio equipment with. The cabin

management may allow exceptions for certain rooms if there is a guarantee that

the other guests will not be disturbed in the other rooms.

5.5. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited.

5.6. Behavior in the bedrooms

You must not cook or eat in the bedrooms. They must not be entered with mountain and ski boots. Handling with an open flame (candles, gas cooker, etc.) is not permitted.

5.7. Behavior in case of shortage of space.

In case of shortage of space, seats in the guest rooms may not be occupied in advance, waiting persons must be considered.

5.8. Pets

Pets are not allowed in all bedrooms unless a room is declared in which mountain

rescue and guide dogs (etc.) can spend the night. The accommodation of animals

must always be clarified in advance with the hut management.


  • A cleaning fee of € 5.00 will be charged.
  • Pets are only allowed to enter the hut only cleaned and dry.
  • Pets are not allowed to lie in bed or on AV blankets for hygienic reason.
  • A pet blanket has to be brought by the pet owner.

5.9. Damage

For any negligent or intentional damage to the cottage or its facility, the polluter must pay. The behavior of children is the responsibility of their parents or their accompanying persons.

6. Supervision, complaints

6.1. Domestic

The cottage management exercises the property rights.

6.2. Violation against the house roules

If someone doesn't comply with the house roules, the persons can be expeled from the hut.

6.3. Handling complaints

Complaints should be resolved on the spot. If this is not possible, they should be written to the hut team.