House roules

1) Keep the hut and the mountains clean and take your waste back to the valley. 
Remember: Plastic is not rotted even after 100 years!

2) Please register (with mobile number) in the hut book. In case of an accident the mountain rescue can search specific for you 

3) Night rest is from 22:00 Uhr to 6:00 Uhr. Please do not disturb the other guests if you leave early.

4) The bedrooms must not be entered with mountain boots or ski boots.

5) You must not cook or eat in the bedrooms. Handling with an open flame (candle, gas cooker, etc.) is for safety reasons strictly prohibited.

6) For the sake of the environment and fellow human beings, the use of a cabin sleeping bag is mandatory for all sleeping places. They can be bought here.

7) Out of consideration for the other guests, we ask you to bring your own audio equipment (at a reasonable volume), only with headphones.

8) Smoking is strictly prohibited.

9) If you want to bring a pet, please clarify if an accommodation is possible.